Interviewing Tips

Suggested Interview Questions
A clear understanding of the job is the key to success. The following are some of the topics that should be discussed during the Nanny/Family interviewing process.   

  • Discuss names, ages, and personality traits of children.
  • What duties will be expected of the nanny in addition to responsibility for the children’s emotional, physical, intellectual, and social needs?
  • Talk about the children’s medical history, education, and future goals.
  • What are the parent’s expectations of the nanny’s role in the family?
  • Modes of discipline and parenting style should be discussed.
  • Discuss how job performance and evaluation will be done. Discuss when raise and bonuses can be expected.
  • Do the parents work outside the home or maintain a home business?
  • Discuss parent’s occupation and work hours.
  • Is traveling with the family part of the job? Discuss how compensation will be handled if this includes overtime.
  • Do the parents travel for business and will this involve overtime or overnight duties?
  • Are there any pets in the home? If yes, who is responsible for their care?
  • Who does meal planning, cooking and marketing?
  • Who is responsible for purchasing children’s clothing, toys and nursery supplies?
  • Discuss what other household help is employed in the home.
  • Be specific about light housekeeping duties for the nanny.
  • Is chauffeuring the child to and from activities part of the job? If a car is provided for the nanny, what are the policies on the use of the vehicle?
  • Are there any special dietary considerations for the nanny or family?
  • What are the hours and days of the position
  • Will there be any temporary lays-offs (for example: parents go away with the child during regularly scheduled hours and do not need nanny’s services)?
  • What medical benefits are offered? How many sick days will be given during the year?
  • How will overtime be handled?
  • What holidays will the nanny have off with pay?
  • Are there any holidays that the nanny might be asked to work?
  • Discuss type of neighborhood and surrounding areas. Discuss what the home is like (size, formal, informal, etc.)
  • What are the accommodations? (Example: where is nanny’s room located in the house? Does it have a telephone or TV, etc.?)
  • Is the family planning to relocate or move in the foreseeable future?
  • How is the nanny paid? (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
  • Will employers deduct taxes from nanny’s wages? If yes, discuss what taxes will be withheld.
  • Is the former nanny available to speak to about this job?

The above topics do not cover everything but they will give you a great start. I hope you find the right match.